Watch And Pray


Mat 26:41  Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. 

Beloved, sometimes we ask God for certain things in our lives. For me it was for the right man in my life. I wanted a man of God, someone who would serve the Lord with me, and pray and worship with me. Oh how wonderful that must be I thought at the time.

And please don’t get me wrong; it’s what we as woman of God should do. 

Unfortunately we have an adversary that also hears when we are praying and he makes quick to try and mislead us if we are not careful. You see in this scripture the Lord Jesus said very clearly that we should WATCH and PRAY.

And this is where I fell out of the boat completely. Shortly after my feverish prayers, someone did come into my life. And oh wow! He was a pastor and just left his job to go into full-time ministry. We met on a farm where there were shelters for homeless people. I ministered to the woman there on Tuesdays, and before I knew it, we were dating. How blessed could we be right? Wrong! Everything looked and felt so right. I mean this is what I prayed for.

 Beloved, I never watched! You see the Word of God clearly says that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Mat26:41) and I have to tell you, that my flesh just fell for every word he said to me. Lock stock and barrel.  However the bible also says that our adversary the Devil presents himself as the angel of light (2Co11:14  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.) And please I’m not saying he was the Devil, but he uses people just as God does. What I am saying is that I was not watching!! I just assumed that this was it!

So long story short, I had the most horrible marriage you can imagine I was unhappy and guess what? I drifted further and further away from God. Up to the point where I became completely backslidden. I wanted to take my own life! I felt so ugly and useless and Satan convinced me that I have fallen too far for God to even hear me! BUT!!!! I thank God that He never gives up on us!  He stepped in just in time and saved me from the enemy who was too strong for me. We ended up getting divorced and today I am so happy! I am in love with Jesus again. He came to my rescue and He restored my broken vessel of life!

Beloved please, please, please take this message to heart. If you are praying never forget to watch. Make sure you hear God’s voice clearly. Get confirmation in the Word of God, and never ever just assume that something is from God just because it looks so right. Watch and pray and seek the will of God above all else!


God Bless You!

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